The door of our garage is something that, although we do not give it the importance that it has, we must take into consideration, since in many cases it is a more access to the house that must be equipped with the same security as the front door. And in addition to the safety aspect, we must also take into account others such as aesthetic, or functional.

And on the basis of this, what would be the mechanism we should choose? Well, as we have said, on the basis of security, we will also consider the type of access, our tastes, and how not, how much we want to invest in it.

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What types of doors are there?

Now, starting from this, on the market we will find six different types of doors according to the mechanism used for its opening:

  • Folding doors open inwards, usually at a 90-degree angle.
  • The sectional doors are composed of several panels that are collected vertically under the roof of the garage. Ideal for saving space.
  • The tilting doors consist of two leaves that fold together vertically. They need a little more space than the previous ones to allow for a correct opening.
  • Sliding doors open by moving sideways on a rail.
  • Rolling doors work similarly to a blind, picking up on a roller at the top.
  • Swing doors are the most common, and their operation is very similar to the conventional doors we have at home, by means of a hinge on the side.
Accesso 1 - Puertas Automáticas en Málaga

How to choose our garage door?

We recommend that you consider four considerations:

  • Aesthetic. It will be based on our personal taste, and the type of house. It will not be the same if our house is rustic, or on the contrary it is a modernist finish.
  • Space available. Because it is not the same to install a door at an entrance of a farm, than in a community garage where the entrance space is limited to a simple corridor.
  • Material. Doors are usually made of wood, steel, or aluminum. In this case we must take into account not only the appearance of the house, or the space. We should also consider whether you will need weather-resistant materials, for example.
  • Budget. Many times we consider this aspect in the first place, but it can become a mistake. It is convenient that we take into account the use that we are going to give to the door, and think that sometimes an overly inexpensive installation can come out expensive, in the long run, by the deterioration of low quality materials.

In Accesso1 we help you, and give you the best advice when choosing the best option, taking into account these aspects indicated above.