Puertas Batientes en Málaga

The Swing or Swing Doors are perfect when the installation must be carried out in spaces that have little height, or there is no lateral space that allows the use of a sliding door, such as hallway entrances. The motors can be installed hidden under the floor, not breaking the aesthetics of the door.

Its manufacture can be done with different models and / or finishes, using bars, smooth panel, with panels … etc. According to the tastes and needs of each client.

It allows the integration of a pedestrian door on the same leaf. They can have stainless steel sheet, lacquered in all colors, lined in wood, or imitation wood.

All motors can be installed for residential, intensive, commercial, community, and private use.


  • Electromechanical / hydraulic folding motor for 1 or 2-leaf doors, covering leaves from 1m to 10m wide, in 24v and 220v.
  • Manual and electric floor latch.
  • Door stop and retainer for silent opening and closing.
  • Remote control / transmitters for doors 433.92 and 868 Mhz fixed and evolutionary code.
  • Plug-in and outdoor remote control receiver 12v-24v / 220v.
  • Catadioptric reflection photocell.
  • Double reflection transmitter / receiver 12v 24v, 220v.
  • Control panel for 24 and 220v motors.
  • Magnetic loop detector.
  • Numeric keyboard.
  • CISA, VIRO, FAAC, YALE electric lock.
  • Magnetic key / proximity card contact lock.
  • Signal lamp / Flashing light courtesy 12-24v / 220v.
  • Safety and anti-crush bands and weatherstripping.
  • Exterior automatic door unlocking.
  • Pedestrian door motor.
  • Door manual unlock key.
  • Door hinge and stop.
  • Sandwich panel, sheet metal, pegasus, micro-perforated, round tube bars, square bars, rectangular bars.