Puertas Enrollables en Málaga

The main advantage of rolling doors is that they help to save the space, since they are collected taking up very little. They are also very easy to install, and can be adapted to the aesthetics of any facade on which they are installed.

In Accesso1 we make you your installation of the best quality roll-up door that can withstand intensive use, the passage of time, and inclement weather.

There are multiple models and different finishes that will suit your needs.

All engines can be installed for residential, intensive, retail, community, and private use.


  • Roll up motor with electrofrene and twin-rolled motor, 170kg/360 kg.
  • Rolling motor axle 40/48/60
  • Steel/aluminium door guides for construction and screwing.
  • Dock and pulleys.
  • Lama door steel, aluminum, micro-perforated, sellplas, hoop, 60/120 mesh.
  • Remote control /emitters for doors 433.92 and 868 Mhz fixed and evolutionary code.
  • Receiver for plug-in and outdoor remote controls 12v-24v/220v.
  • Photocellic reflection.
  • Double emitter/receiver reflection 12v 24v, 220v.
  • Maneuvering frame for 24 and 220v engines.
  • Magnetic loop detector.
  • Numeric keypad.
  • CisA electroclosed, VIRO, FAAC, YALE.
  • Magnetic key/proximity card contact lock.
  • Lamp signaling / Flashing light courtesy 12-24v/220v.
  • Safety/anti-crushing bands and belts.
  • External automatic door unlock.
  • Pedestrian door motor.
  • Manual door unlock key.
  • Hinge and door stop.
  • Sandwich panel, tabled sheet, glue, microperforated, round tube bars, square bars, rectangular bars.