Puertas Basculantes en Málaga

Tilting Doors are by far the most commonly used in individual garages and in neighboring communities, as they are resistant to use and the passage of time, and their opening system, towards the ceiling, allows great savings in space.

They are made up of one or two sheets, which when folded are collected towards the ceiling.

As for the opening / closing system, they act on the sides of the door. There are two different types

Tilting by means of springs: The door has installed lateral or top springs of the door.

Counterweight swingarm: In this door model, the springs are eliminated and weights or counterweights made of steel, concrete, sand, etc. are used, which, connected to the door by means of steel cables, and passing through a pulley, counterbalance the door in the opening and closing path. In case of breakage of one of the cables, the sheet is held by a parachute system or security lock.

There are numerous possibilities for models and finishes, according to the tastes and needs of each client.

It allows the integration of a pedestrian door on the same leaf. They can have stainless steel sheet, lacquered in all colors, lined with wood, or imitation wood.

All motors can be installed for residential, intensive, commercial, community, and private use.


  • 24v and 220v roof / axle center tilting motor.
  • Steel cable, pulley, sandwich panel.
  • Remote control / transmitters for doors 433.92 and 868 Mhz fixed and evolutionary code.
  • Plug-in and outdoor remote control receiver 12v-24v / 220v.
  • Catadioptric reflection photocell.
  • Double reflection transmitter / receiver 12v 24v, 220v.
  • Control panel for 24 and 220v motors.
  • Magnetic loop detector.
  • Numeric keyboard.
  • CISA, VIRO, FAAC, YALE electric lock.
  • Magnetic key / proximity card contact lock.
  • Signal lamp / Flashing light courtesy 12-24v / 220v.
  • Safety and anti-crush bands and weatherstripping.
  • Exterior automatic door unlocking.
  • Pedestrian door motor.
  • Door manual unlock key.
  • Door hinge and stop.
  • Sandwich panel, sheet metal, pegasus, micro-perforated, round tube bars, square bars, rectangular bars.